A combination of traditional underwear and ‘underwear as outerwear’ – blurring the lines of lingerie and clothing. The idea behind ‘Dad I’m Going Out’ is that lingerie needn’t be confined to the bedroom, and that looking and feeling sexy shouldn’t be policed by anyone. That people should be able to own their sex appeal unapologetically, and feel confident in their right to do so.


What are you looking at besides this email?  Besides this email; I’m sharing gazes with my partner Tawney as they get ready to go on a writing internship for a month. I’m sprawled on the bed, next to a paper titled ‘I dare to be myself’. It’s silly and childish, but with an endearing sentiment.

 What are you obsessed with at the moment?As of recent I’ve been obsessing mostly over anything rap, from Little Simz to Danny Brown, to country from Townes Van Zandt to Pasty Cline. I’ve felt these things have been transporting me from the Xmas and New Years madness to a place more of my own.

 What creative activities & pursuits, endeavours are you embarking on? Embarking is probably a rich term for my creative pursuits in recent times. But I’ve been toiling and procrastinating over my music. Trying to muster up a long overdue release. Aside from that, I’ve been working with a group of seven/eight varying musicians doing improvised music, fooling around.

 Who are some of your favourite badass babes? (Famous/family/friends)? I hate the idea of favorites, but we all have them to some degree…My sister Jasmine was the first person to pop into my mind when I read this question, she’s younger than me, but the babe I aspire to be in so many ways and in new ways every day.I’d also have to say all my friends and acquaintances of course, as cliche as it is. These are people that reflect so much of me, who make me feel beautiful, but who at the end of the day really ground me.

 What does sexy mean to you? Sexy means so many things! To define it, I feel may be destroying it at the same time. So I guess I’ll say… Sexy is allusive but transparent and vulnerable but secure. Most of the time I pair feeling sexy with being fun and cheeky.

 And lastly how do you define a babe?  A babe is someone looking out for you. A babe holds themselves up, whilst holding everyone else up around them. Bianca is a very prominent babe in my life. I think if you want to see my definition of a babe in motion you should go get a coffee with BB.


What are you looking at besides this email? Staring at a Johnny Negron print on the wall, it’s of a naked woman with the words Adapt in old English written above her.

What are you obsessed with at the moment? Leopard print & heavily pierced ears and I’m obsessed with this podcast called 2 dope queens.

What creative activities & pursuits, endeavours are you embarking on? Currently working on a series called ‘Cursed’ I’m painting and fucking up some hoodies and doing a print to go with it too. It’s just taking forever lol.

Who are some of your favourite badass babes? (Famous/family/friends) Ahhh so many! My friends are so inspiring, talented and supportive. I feel like this past year has been a bit tumultuous for everyone but it’s really beautiful to see them having courage and resilience to keep going. I also have a big soft spot for Adwoa Aboah, she so cool.

What does sexy mean to you? Being kind to yourself and others is super sexy.

And lastly how do you define a babe? Someone who has confidence within themselves to just do them.




What are you looking at besides this email? Currently I’m kickin it in my backyard with my feet dipped in the refreshing waters of my kmart pool and looking out onto the veggie patch that has been consumed by stinging nettle – should really get on top of that situation.

What are you obsessed with at the moment? I am obsessed with my friends. I have such incredible friends in my life that inspire me everyday with their strength, creativity and love. Also obsessed with the Melbourne music scene atm pumping out awesome acts like Two Steps on the Water, Chelsea Bleach, DJ Brooke Powers, Bahdoesa and HABITS just to name a few…Honestly my ears are blessed!

What creative activities & pursuits, endeavours are you embarking on? Only recently have I felt that I have been able to explore my creative side, I have always had huge ideas or projects I have dreamt about doing but haven’t been in a place where I have felt comfortable in exploring out of fear of judgement. But through opportunities I have been given recently such as being involved with JBC and hanging around my incredible friends I have begun to find the confidence just to do what I want – because you gotta start somewhere. It might sound silly but I LOVE being the ipod dj at parties, I also enjoy just making up random songs with my friends, making shitty zines and even just playing around with my phone camera, not ur typical creative but hey its something?

Who are some of your favourite badass babes? (Famous/family/friends) My grandma is my NO.1 badass babe, the most supportive, inspiring and loving woman. Other badass babes are queer people especially qtipoc (queer, trans, intersex people of colour), people battling mental illness and all indigenous people of the land were living on. The fight these communities lead for visibility and change is something that they should not have to be putting any of their labour into, the strength and resilience of these communities is astounding.

What does sexy mean to you? I had to Google search the term sexy because to me sexy is just a feeling I get when I see something that makes me feel things, ya know? Sexy to me isn’t always about clothing, or a specific look. To me sexy is in confidence, passion and originality. Personality shines through all that materialistic/European beauty standard bullsh*t. Like fat people are sexy, people of colour are sexy, trans people are sexy, old people are sexy – we need to dispel the idea that you have to look a certain way to be sexy, everyone and anyone can be sexy, unless ur mean then u should go work on that… Also if u can get down to some serious funk/disco music with me that is an instant sexy point for u.

And lastly how do you define a babe? A babe is just someone I know personally/feel a connection with/and adore, I call anyone I am close with babe if they’re cool with that.


What are you looking at besides this email? My bearded dragon, she’s asleep on me. Her name’s Cucumber.

What are you obsessed with at the moment? My bearded dragon.

What creative activities & pursuits, endeavours are you embarking on? I’m gonna keep working on my illustrations, improve my photography and attempt at sculpturing for the millionth time.

Who are some of your favourite badass babes? (Famous/family/friends) All my fierce girl friends x

What does sexy mean to you? Confidence.