Georgia Maggie, Jessica Owens

Shot by: Anna Cunningham



Georgia Maggie 


What are you looking at besides this email? I am currently on the tram home from work. I’m looking at my own reflection in the window actually… It’s pretty good.


How did u and your bestie meet / What do u love about them? Jess and I were MySpace friends before real life friends! I had a crush on one of the boys that she was friends with at her high school. Their circle of friends all thought I was so strange, and I guess I was, because I didn’t even really know the guy!! Jess was the only one out of the bunch that thought I was alright. Jess sat behind me at a Strokes concert once, then we started hanging out more. Anyway, we got the flip outta Frankston and now we live together in a cute house.

What I love about Jess is that she has been in my life for so long and hasn’t shown any sign of leaving anytime soon. We’ve been through it all together, we will go through even more together, and we just work together so well, like Vegemite and avocado. She will motivate me, encourage me and praise me, she will also tell me when I’m being a prick, and vice versa. Jess is so strong and she has inspired me to be a bit more stronger too.


What are you obsessed with at the moment? Grapes. I just really really love grapes. They’re round and firm and sweet, a bit like myself. They’re always on special at Coles too!! Which is good because I’m poor.


What creative activities & pursuits, endeavours are you embarking on? Music is what I really love and always have loved. I currently play the drums in 2 bands and I am thinking of trying to teach myself another instrument, I don’t know what yet though. I enjoy drawing and making things also, I really should start doing that more, and I will, eventually.


Who are some of your favourite badass babes? (Famous/family/friends) Oh, there are so many though… I really think that Georgi Goonsack from the band Shrimpwitch is one hellova badass babe. There’s a band called The Trashwomen who are absolutely mental, as is the actress Hedy Lamarr!


What does sexy mean to you? Well I guess it’s about the immediate or obvious potential to interest or excite others – for me,people’s charm, whit, courage and confidence are some of the things that I find very stimulating, interesting and sexy.


And lastly how do you define a babe? I guess a “babe” is anyone who believes that they are one ! I believe that we are all




Jessica Owen


What are you looking at besides this email? The ridiculous Johnston st traffic my bus is currently stuck in, ugh


How did u and your bestie meet / What do u love about them? Georgia and I had an Internet friendship! She had a crush on a boy I went to school with and all my other friends thought she was weird, but I stalked her MySpace and soon developed a friend crush on her because she was actually way cooler than all of them! Few years later, we now live together and have the best life ever! Oh my god, where do I even start.

Georgia is my little pocket rocket! She seems to have an endless supply of energy and love and effort to give to everyone/anything she puts her mind to. It’s a cliche, but I honestly wouldn’t be the person I am now if it wasn’t for our friendship. She has taught me to harness my confidence, love myself before I worry about silly boys and not let the little things stop me from having a good time. With George, I feel like we can take on the world together. Im gonna grow old with this girl!


What are you obsessed with at the moment? Madonna, hashbrowns and this really great shade of purple lipstick I just realised I can pull off.


What creative activities & pursuits, endeavours are you embarking on? I sing/play guitar in Girl Crazy, but am also attempting to start up another little band at the moment with some other mates. I’m ever so slowly trying to learn how to play the synthesiser for that one. It’s exciting but all those buttons are seriously overwhelming me! Aside from the music, I’m trying super hard to motivate myself to get back into photography. I’ve got a really beautiful old camera I’m gonna teach myself how to use and hopefully pick up where I left off when I finished uni!


Who are some of your favourite badass babes? (Famous/family/friends) All of the incredible women I have met since moving to the big smoke! I’m constantly overwhelmed by how goddam talented/motivated/powerful all of you are! I’m very lucky to be surrounded by so many amazing ladies. Also, the Miss Destiny babes are pretty much everything I’m aspiring to be right now! And of course I can’t forget my 2 queens, Patti Smith and Debbie Harry.


What does sexy mean to you? The older I get, the less it has to do with appearance. The way a person carries themselves, how well they can engage in conversation etc. Projecting that you feel awesome about yourself is far sexier than anything you could do with your appearance or clothing or whatever. I’m still working on that one, but I’m getting there!


And lastly how do you define a babe? I guess someone who is doing it for themselves! Creating your own happiness, portraying yourself the way you want to be seen and not to fit someone else’s agenda and rocking it whilst doing that. At the end of the day, if you believe


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