Mladen Lalic Milinkovic, Daniel Aloisio, Annie Llewellyn

Shot by: Annie Llewellyn & Jarrah Benwell – Clarke

Annie Llewllyn 

Annie divides her time between being a full time hottie and a lifelong rockstar. Photographer extraordinaire and shredder in Melbourne fave Miss Destiny and Grotto – Annie is such a heartthrob she gives us conniptions



Mladen Lalic Milinkovic

Cheeky angel-faced Mladen. Dreamy pop star of bands Lalić, The Murlocs, Caroline No & Barbie Guitar. They’re represented by Folk Collective and so beautiful their face would make Botticelli cry.




Daniel Aloisio

Glamorous and amorous Danny whose beautiful face drops jaws and underpants. Stylist, fashion icon and It-Babe; this hunk of hot stuff has recently made the move to London. Unofficially dubbed a JBC muse for stealing our hearts







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