Sascha Bravery

Shot by: @mia_ forrest



What are you looking at besides this email? I am watching a movie, repairing an old dress, making a necklace out of a dog chain, trying to enrol in uni and bidding on a pair of bolt cutters on ebay… I lead a busy and exotic life.


What are you obsessed with at the moment? Moving house! I’m so excited to move into my new home and start a new phase.


What creative activities & pursuits, endeavours are you embarking on? I’ve just packed up my studio where I was painting, printmaking and sewing for the last 18 months. I am about to set up a new studio and complete some studies and projects. I’m really looking forward to researching and developing some new projects and making new things.


Who are some of your favourite badass babes? (Famous/family/friends) Anyone who strikes me as an individual with self power, ingenuity. Anyone fighting for themselves and others, fighting for their passions, for their love and for justice.


What does sexy mean to you? Mmmm. Sexy is a feeling. It’s a feeling triggered by subtle nuances. To me It’s not about sex at all, it’s about a scene, a detail, a fleeting moment that triggers excitement and adoration towards another or yourself.


And lastly how do you define a babe? A babe is anyone who shows integrity, humility, sassiness. Anyone who has the ability to comfortably hold themselves and work with what they have. Someone who you can tell loves who they are and isn’t afraid to stand for that.


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