Divide and Dissolve

Shot by: @annasnowsill

Babes: Takiaya & Sylvie of @divideanddissolve


We think you’re pretty bloody awesome but what do you think makes you shine, unique and special We shine because of our very special musical connection. It enables us to make unique music.


What’s getting you excited at the moment? What creative activities, pursuits and endeavours are you embarking on? We are in the process of writing our new album. Looking forward to playing a special collaborative set for a new Sydney music festival soft centre on September 23rd


What feeds your strength and confidence to be such a boss babe Our low end


What challenges have you faced and what lessons have you learnt on your journey to love your body? Getting stronger to lift ampeg svt 810e and all our amps all by ourselves. The bass speakers we both use are extremely heavy, but we are doing a great job moving them around in inaccessible venues with our friends.


Us babes have got to support one another and lift each other up; what change would you like to see in way we treat each other We would like to see decolonisation manifest itself in more potent / tangible ways amongst each other and the end to white supremacy


And lastly how do you define a babe? It’s a feeling, not a look

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