Essie Angle

Shot by: Doug Bennett



What are you looking at besides this email overseas flights and watching youtube videos of sza cause she a baddass bitch.


What are you obsessed with at the moment my guitar, I named her misty lol and also the book i’m reading at the moment, ‘bad feminist’ by Roxane Gay, she writes so eloquently and humorously, intellectualising the mundane. Praise to her for saying out loud all the things that we were thinking! rocks my world.


What creative activities & pursuits, endeavours are you embarking on currently playing lots of guitar and scribbling down half written songs., i’d like to start a band this year but it’s all in the works and I keep reminding my self to stay patient, also re-enrolling for mid-semester, continue my BA..and the overseas trip around November!!!


Who are some of your favourite badass babes? (Famous/family/friends) fuck too many to name, um i’ll just list a couple that have been super influential, bikini kill, the clean, david bowie, iggy n the stooges, nina simone, the Vivian girls, Bjork, blondie, the cure, the gun club, the rolling stones, rowland s howard, joan jett, portishead, cat power, I like a lot of music so it’s hard to narrow it down to a few haha and almost every one of my friends in Melbourne play in a band which is rly inspiring, my totally awesome badass housemate Cosi formed her band JAALA with my other badass housem8 Loretta and they have been a huge inspiration to me this year, also some friends from Sydney who form the band ‘destiny 3000’ are one of the reasons I got into playing music, a bunch of awesome chix!!


What does sexy mean to you sexy to me is someone who is comfortable in themselves, not afraid to speak their mind, intelligent, fearless and strong and charming lol.


And lastly how do you define a babe a babe is every single one of my fucking friends!!!! I feel so lucky to be surrounded by so many incredibly talented and compassionate individuals xxx




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